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sui-slide : danao's zipline attraction

Bohol has another reason to attract tourists -- a 480 meter zip line called "Sui-Slide". At an altitude of 200m, it is both the highest and longest zipline in the Philippines. It's an exciting zipline that will definitely shoot your adrenaline up in the air. We don't know why they called it "Sui-Slide" but it definitely rhyme with "suicide." It would be a treat for extreme sports enthusiasts.

The new attraction is part of the "Eco/Extreme Adventure Tour" (or shortened to EAT Danao), with activities like wall climbing and river kayaking which is being promoted by the municipality of Danao, Bohol. It is definitely a welcome addition to the usual Bohol Day Tour.

To go there, you can hire a shuttle (van) or go to the Integrated Bus Terminal(IBT) for a bus ride going to Danao. The IBT is located a stone-throw away from the Island City Mall in Tagbilaran City. You'll have to travel for around 30-45 minutes from the city.


Here's a video posted in YouTube.

Thanks to ABCruz2310 for posting the video in YouTube.